Board & Staff

Our Team

AYF Leadership Team

Anna Kay Vorsteg

Heather Kiley
Vice President
Director, Merrowvista

Nancy Wittkamp
Finance Director

Julie Stengele
Assistant to the President


Heather Kiley

Kris Light
Director of Camp Programs

Joe Baty
Director of Community & School Programs, NLC

Shelby Witheford
Assistant Director of Camp Programs

Jiin Cruz
Assistant Director of Community & School Programs

Kelcie Meyer
Coordinator of School Programs

Cat Marconi
National Leadership Programs Administrator

Neal Smeltzer
Four Trails Program Coordinator

Lisa Boucher
Registrar of Camp Programs

Terri Bennett
Office Coordinator

Patrick O’Hagin
Facilities & Maintenance Manager

Kim Novotny
Food Program Manager

Wendy Facteau
Food Program Shift Leader

Kristen Clark
Finance Manager

Scott Evans
Facilities & Maintenance Coordinator

Nick Williams
Custodial Assistant


Liz Marshall
Director of Camp Programs & Alumni Relations

Matt Loper
Director of Operations

Philip James
Director of Boys Camp Programs

Hannah Patterson
Assistant Director of Camp Programs

Chelsea Bernthal
Community & School Programs Manager, NLC Coordinator

Jensen Pennock
Coordinator of Community & School Programs

Andrew McIver
Coordinator of Four Trails Programs

Cassidy Cisneros
Registrar of Camp Programs

Dawn Hammersley
Finance Manager

Jodi Slager
Food Program Manager

Jan Strube
Alumni Liaison

Chad Warner
Facilities & Maintenance Manager

Andy Mulcahy
Construction Projects Manager

Lance Bernhardt
Construction Projects Coordinator

Max Leslie
Facilities & Maintenance Coordinator

Kenny Rumsey
Facilities & Maintenance Assistant


Scott Myers
Director of Development

Gail Weller
Development Manager

Molly Mulcahy
Alumni and Community Relations Manager

Our Board of Directors

David Danforth

Christopher Danforth
Vice Chair

A. Neil Sweeny

Andrea Van Cleve

DD Danforth-Burlin, Esq.

Donald Danforth III

William H. Danforth, MD

Glenn E. Davis, Esq.

Kevin J. Hunt

Jeffrey McDonnell, CFA

Daniel Miller

Jason Purnell

Deborah Seidel

Patrick West

Advisory & Committee Members

Advisory Members

Kay Bell

J. Patrick Mulcahy

Committee Members

John Drew

Kathleen Welter

Astrid Wielens

Our Core Values

Best Self

We seek to develop excellence in people by motivating them to discover and develop their personal best.

Balanced Living

We believe that balanced living is an integral part of everyone’s life both personally and professionally. We encourage people to attain balance in mental, physical, social and religious/spiritual pursuits.


We commit to providing a safe environment in which people can take emotional and physical risks.


We seek to involve people from diverse cultures, values and perspectives, and to impart respect for others.


We strive to instill responsibility to act for the good of others and for a sustainable environment.


We recognize the interconnectedness of the world’s communities and will strive to be responsible in our use of environmental and human resources.