Carrie Hargreaves Smith

Lead Health Officer

In the last 30 years, Carrie has been lucky enough to be a Merrowvista camper, leader, Four Trails Coordinator, Health Officer, camper parent, and now her current role as AYF Lead Health Officer.

Carrie believes the values of best self and balanced living are essential to her career as a registered nurse. She and strives to help others understand these values are integral to achieving health and wellness, which looks different for everyone. She understands and appreciates how the powerful experiences and relationships formed through AYF programs can empower youth to discover confidence, compassion, lifelong friendships, and a drive to serve.

During the school year, Carrie lives in Columbia, South Carolina with her husband, Cody, and four children – all current or soon-to-be Merrowvista campers. When she’s not with the Merrowvista team in the Ossipee Mountains, she is an RN in a pediatric ICU.