Making A Difference

Ways to Donate

The American Youth Foundation is a nonprofit youth development organization that engages thousands of youth in programming year round at our beautiful properties in New Hampshire (AYF-Merrowvista) and Michigan (AYF-Miniwanca).

Children ages 5-18 from across the country, and around the world come to our camps for community and school programs, summer camps, leadership conferences, and other activities to experience a mission that helps them realize the best in themselves.

Your investment in AYF allows people to discover the richness of our outdoor environments, the fun of interacting with a positive community, and the challenge of self-discovery.

Whether it is an online donation, attendance at an event, or a planned gift, we invite you to learn how your investment and support can help sustain the beautiful acres of Merrowvista and Miniwanca, the facilities and programs in which youth discover their best selves, and allow everyone the opportunity to change their lives today, tomorrow, and well into the future.

How to give

Online or By Mail

We truly appreciate your willingness to invest in the American Youth Foundation. Your investment helps youth from all over the country, and even internationally, to experience a mission that helps them realize their best selves.

If you are interested in making a gift, you can mail your donation to:
American Youth Foundation
6357 Clayton Rd.
St. Louis, MO 63117


Donate Now

In Honor or Memory

Gifts in honor or memory of someone special serve as a tribute to a loved one and/or someone who has impacted your life.

Gifts in honor have been received to mark special occasions such as a wedding, birthday or holiday. The American Youth Foundation will send an acknowledgment card as directed by the donor. Please provide the full name and address of the person(s) you wish for us to inform of your donation and any special message preferred.

Fill out an In Honor or Memory Form and mail it to:
American Youth Foundation
6357 Clayton Rd.
St. Louis, MO 63117

In Honor or Memory

Become an AYF Youth Sponsor

It is our goal to serve youth from diverse demographics, regardless of ability to pay.

Your direct sponsorship of a participant to attend summer camp or NLC makes a difference, not only to that young person, but to the communities they return to, energized to change the world for the better!

Matching Gifts

Thanks to generous companies, employees who are supporters of the American Youth Foundation can help grow their investment in AYF further than they could individually through an employer match.

This partnership is one that cannot go unnoticed and we truly appreciate both the donor and the company coming together to help youth become their best self.

Find out if your company matches your donation. If they do, you can double your gift to the AYF!

Employer Matching Gift

Planned Giving

If you would like to include the AYF in your legacy, please let us know.

The American Youth Foundation has continued for many generations because generous supporters have named the AYF in their wills, estates, trusts, retirement funds, and other legacy gifts. The Eternal Flame Society, the group of donors who have made such a commitment, helps create opportunities for future participants of American Youth Foundation programs through such gifts.

Determining what gift is right for you is just as important as making the gift. There are many options from which you can choose that can balance what you wish to accomplish for yourself, your family, and your charitable interests in your overall estate and financial plans.

If you are not sure how our gift plans can meet your financial goals, or if you're already considering certain giving options, please contact us and we will be happy to help walk you through it.

If the American Youth Foundation is already a part of your legacy plans, we would love to honor your support. Please give us a call.

Eternal Flame Society

In Kind

While most people think about monetary donations to help support the American Youth Foundation, donations of goods and services can be extremely valuable to further the AYF mission as well.

Individuals, corporations and community organizations can help the AYF through donations of camping equipment, office furniture, supplies for our programs, and silent auction items for the special events, just to name a few.

If you have any questions on how you can support the AYF through in kind gifts, please contact us.