Dawn Hammersley

Finance Manager

Dawn began her work with the AYF in 2010, after she relocated back to the west side of Michigan. Prior to joining the AYF team, Dawn worked as a legal assistant, worked in variety of roles for a local electric cooperative, and an executive director of a chamber of commerce. She grew up next door to Miniwanca and spent many days exploring the camp and attended Miniwanca through a community program as a teen in her church’s youth group.

Three of her four children have participated in AYF programs. Her youngest son, Thomas, began as a three-week camper and attended every year through through the Odyssey program of Four Trails and the National Leadership Conference. Dawn witnessed the Thomas’ transformation during his years at Miniwanca as he discovered his own self, at his very best, all the time.

She is extremely thankful for the AYF and the impact it has had her family. Dawn continues to work diligently to ensure more youth can experience the life-changing transformation the AYF brings to youth.