Virtual SSW

July 28-August 1, 2021

We are excited to share our 2021 theme:  You are Here.  Now What?  Embracing the Journey Ahead.  This year’s SSW will be offered as a series of virtual events with one session per day for five days at the end of July. Sessions alternate between evenings and morning workshops, and you do not need to commit to all five days.

How many times a week do you see a headline, or have a conversation about what’s next as vaccinations rise and the pandemic restrictions are safely lifted? How many times have you wondered what lifestyle changes will stay and which will go as we try to “get back to normal?” Does part of you hope everything doesn’t go back to the way it was? How would you like your life journey to move forward? In short, “Now what?”

We all have the opportunity in this time of transition to shape our own, authentic new normal. We are on the cusp of a unique transition as we contemplate pandemic-related changes, our daily lives and practices, and the horizon before us.  What is your own best self being called to now?

All are welcome, regardless of prior participation with SSW. Registration is required and is $50 (reduced rates and scholarships are available). After you fill out the form, you will receive a follow-up email to complete your registration on Canvas.

Important Information: This SSW event will not be held in the same Zoom room as SSW Evening Reflections or any prior SSW virtual event. To receive the correct Zoom link, you must register.

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Wednesday, July 28: Opening Circle and Reflection

We kick off our 2021 Summer Seminars for Women with a very special opening from a long-time AYF alumni! Arrive at this virtual space just as you are. In addition to offering a short program similar to an Evening Reflections/Vespers experience, we’ll have time to socialize. Feel free to have a favorite dessert or beverage handy so we can chat in a group format and provide announcements pertaining to each day’s program content.  YOU ARE HERE!

Thursday, July 29: Seminar One: Creating Space for Your Journey

Presented by Lisa Williams, MSSA, ACC

In our busy lives, we rarely have the capacity to pause and create space for shedding what we no longer need. Instead, we quickly toss it all into our metaphorical backpacks and trudge along. But now we are moving into an opportunity to shape our own authentic new normal, post-pandemic. This seminar will create space for you to pause, reflect, intentionally release what you don’t need, and focus attention on what matters most. Commit to this experience and to trusting the process. As you release, you immediately create space. Space that can remain open (not all space – internally or externally- has to be filled) or space that can be used to hold what matters most. Imagine if you created more space for downtime, more space for joy, more space for forgiveness, more space for deeper love, more space to be fully awake in our world. What will you do with the extra space that you’ll be creating through this seminar? How will you use that space to shape the next stage of your journey?

Lisa Williams, MSSA, ACC
Lisa Williams is a certified coach, leadership consultant, facilitator and speaker who helps individuals, teams and organizations gain alignment and unleash their potential. Lisa is the founder of Lisa Williams Coaching + Consulting and the co-founder of the High Impact Leadership Project. She holds an Associate Certified Coach credential through the International Coaching Federation and she completed her coach training through the College of Executive Coaching. Lisa received her Master of Social Science Administration degree from Case Western Reserve University. In addition to her roles as a coach and consultant, Lisa is an Associate Professor of the University of Kentucky College of Health Sciences and teaches in both the Clinical Leadership Management and Human Health Sciences programs and she serves as an Emotional Intelligence advisor in the Physician Assistant Program. She is the former Executive Director of the University Kentucky Institute for Workplace Innovation and has served in leadership roles for a variety of organizations.

Friday, July 30: Seminar 2: Exploring Your Journey
presented by Lisa Gies EdD Educational Leadership

This session will introduce you to the geography of life experiences. Many of us have been busy with our lives “doing” the daily tasks that add up to career, parent, friend, citizen…the various roles we play in our external world. How much time and space have you given yourself to explore your inner world? This session provides opportunities for self-reflection exploration using the Atlas of Experience. You will be invited to travel through your lifetime to gain a deeper understanding of how our emotions and thoughts propel us toward action but is it the right action? Are you being true to your authentic self, and if not, what lies ahead as you move towards the next stage of your journey into a post-pandemic life?

Lisa Gies, EdD Educational Leadership
Lisa considers herself a seeker. With the belief that we humans are all in the process of becoming our next best self, Lisa is guided by her mission “to facilitate sacred spaces where people grow their authentic self as a means to transform lives.” This mission has evolved over the years of service as a social studies teacher, middle school principal, university professor, personal and professional coach, presenter, and consultant. This mission directly translates to the practical work of guiding individuals and organizations in their quest to maximize their potential through honest questioning, reflection, and deep listening. Lisa is a professor at Cardinal Stritch University in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. Her leadership philosophy has been influenced by the works of Otto Sharmer, Robert Greenleaf, Peter Senge, Parker Palmer, Bolman & Deal, and Margaret Wheatley. Lisa has earned certificates from The Presencing Institute, Servant Leadership, Coaching for Leaders, and Mindfulness for Educators Facilitator Training. She co-leads the Cardinal Stritch University’s strategic planning and implementation process, serves on the Faculty Council, the Diversity and Inclusion Taskforce, and the Mindfulness Gathering group. Lisa is a worship associate and an active member of the Spiritual Formation task force at the First Unitarian Society of Milwaukee. When Lisa has downtime, she can be found cultivating relationships, golfing, cooking, traveling with her partner, and being in nature! Her motto: Live, Laugh, Love.

Saturday, July 31: Seminar 3: Now What? Culture, Tradition, & Appropriation
presented by Polly Williams, MSW, and Jen “Dusty” Clitheroe, MS Organizational Leadership

With all that has happened over the course of this tumultuous year and a half, many of us are coming to an awareness of just how much we are impacted by our diverse life experiences, our lenses on the world. So much of our experience centers on the messages that we receive throughout our lives, starting from the time we are born through this very moment. Our parents’ stories impact us and whatever is happening in our surroundings at the time, be it social, political, or environmental. This marinade impacts our thoughts, values, and beliefs which, in turn, impact our feelings, actions, and outcomes. Some of these messages (conscious or unconscious) are valid and some are not – it is up to us to embrace our power to challenge false messages that may not be serving us. These experiences shape who we are and impact how we move through life. Self-awareness gives us the opportunity to change our thinking process through mindfulness, intention, and action. Please join Strength Perspective consultants, Polly Williams and Dusty Clitheroe, for an interactive workshop to explore how our cultural influences impact our cultural orientation and how those perspectives can lead us into societally destructive patterns or expand to help us create a more just society.

Polly Williams, MSW, and Jen “Dusty” Clitheroe, MS Organizational Leadership
Polly and Dusty met in the late ’80s as summer camp counselors. They worked together for 4 years and led an anti-racism task force for Farm and Wilderness during the early 2000s. They have continued to support the board and staff along with providing annual anti-racism trainings for staff and youth. Both Polly and Dusty have navigated many types of communities in several different geological locations. These experiences have informed their work together and provide them with the capacity to foster awareness while working with contrasting viewpoints.

Sunday, Aug. 1: Closing Circle

Whether or not you’ve been able to participate in each of the Virtual SSW 2021 offerings, we will hold a meaningful wrap up to the journey we’ve taken over the last few days. Reflecting on the special opening “ceremony” and the rich content of the seminars, we’ll provide a platform for large and small group sharing. We’ll invite you to bring a candle to light as we collectively embrace the journey ahead. Your presence during any and all SSW events is a true gift.

Join us for Evening Reflections at 8 p.m. EST on the first Thursday of each month. Click here to join the Zoom.

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