Mulcahy Fellowship

The American Youth Foundation understands that our organization and the history of summer camps in general exists within an historically white, upper class, and privileged society. We believe everyone deserves the chance to enjoy the outdoor world and have life-changing, positive experiences in nature.

The AYF recognizes the value of representation in our camp community leadership and the importance of staff and volunteers who represent the broader diversity of our participant communities. This is the foundation of the Mulcahy Fellowship and why it is so important to the AYF.

What is the Mulcahy Fellowship?

The Mulcahy Fellowship supports AYF’s commitment to removing barriers and expanding access to become part of our summer staff. Staff members who are nominated as Mulcahy Fellows are part of a cohort of highly motivated young leaders who are working to make a positive difference in the world through their experience at AYF. Mulcahy Fellows will receive mentoring and support from AYF staff to help them have a positive experience working in the summer programs at Miniwanca and Merrowvista. The fellowship is not only a financial award, but also a personal and professional honor to take into the world beyond AYF.

History of the Mulcahy Fellowship

The Mulcahy Fellowship was established in memory of longtime AYF staff member Elizabeth Mulcahy. Elizabeth cared deeply about ensuring equitable access to AYF programs and recognized the importance of representation in our camp communities. Thanks to a generous donation from her father, Pat Mulcahy, the Mulcahy Fellowship continues that vision and helps bring our mission to action.

The AYF launched the Fellowship in 2019 with an inaugural class of five individuals who worked as seasonal summer staff at Merrowvista and Miniwanca.

Mulcahy Fellowship
 Application Guidelines

Application Process
Mulcahy Fellowship applications are due by April 1st, 2024, to be submitted to the camp director of the program where you intend to work.

Selection Criteria

Applications will be selected based on:

  • Strong leadership potential, enthusiasm, and motivation to make a positive difference in our communities and the wider world.
  • Nomination by a current or past AYF staff member, teacher, or coach
  • Demonstrated financial need, including primary responsibility for paying one’s own expenses in college or equivalent setting.
  • Not required, but considered: previous participation in an AYF program (CSP, NLC, or camp)

What you get:

  • Cost of travel to camp by air, bus, or mileage reimbursement
  • Travel incidentals
  • Stipend of $1000 in addition to seasonal salary

Mulcahy Fellows will be selected by the Coordinating Committee who will consider the applications and offer the awards before the summer season begins.

Renewal Criteria
Fellows may be eligible to renew the award for a total of three summers of employment.

Mulcahy Fellows

Class of 2019

Hanine Alhaydar
Bria Earl
Ambrean Ford
Willky Joseph
Salvaryus Partan

Class of 2020

Rachel Watson

Class of 2021

Orville Brown
Candace Carr
Elizabeth Harrison
Ciara Hatch
Mylia Marshall
Skye Newhall
Amber O’Sullivan

Class of 2022

Shaleyah Carter
Carrie Hill
Bre Orcasitas
Jay Spring
Moiya Toliver
Ollie Williamson
Emrys O. Yamanishi