Remembering our past and ensuring our future

Since 1925, photos, publications, and records have been collected, organized and preserved at each camp and the St. Louis office. The Heritage Trail Archives Project allows campers, staff and alumni to share their experiences, and explore programs from other eras. Printed materials and memorabilia are located in the Founders Room of Four Seasons, and the I Dare You Library at Miniwanca. Merrowvista has collections in Danforth Lodge and The Farmhouse.

We are happy to receive any photos, letters, poems, songs, or other memoirs that you have and would like to share with the AYF archives. The digital age has brought a wonderful opportunity for us to open the archives using the explore-archives channel with the Slack application.

Do you have photos of your days at camp or conference? Would you like to contribute your memories to the archives? Use the links below to share your materials with us.