Dayna Vuksinick

Director of Community & School Programs

Dayna had never been to Merrowvista – or New Hampshire! – until summer 2021. She graduated from the University of Utah with a degree in outdoor education and was working a corporate banking job when she found a seasonal job at Merrowvista on a camp website. She packed up her car and drove across the country to work as leader during summer 2021. She never thought she’d work at a summer camp or even with kids, but after just one summer at Merrowvista, she was hooked. She loved every aspect of the job – the youth, staff, and especially values of the American Youth Foundation.

Dana continued to work at Merrowvista with the fall Community and School Programs, where she discovered that she wanted to continue working in the beautiful environment, helping kids strive to be their best selves. She applied for a full-time position after her first CSP season and officially moved to New Hampshire in April 2022.

The last few years have taught Dayna about herself, who she wants to be, and how to create a safe space for youth to be their authentic selves while pushing themselves into their growth zones, making new friends, and enjoying nature.