Amy Simmons

Merrowvista Director of Operations

Amy found her way to the AYF after more than 20 years career with Lindt USA where she developed and implemented Trade Show strategy from design to execution. This required working intensively with designers, union construction crews, sales representatives, and the public. After 20 years in a corporate setting, Amy found herself ready to make a meaningful change. The principles of four-fold living spoke clearly to her, as Amy is passionate about developing youth to be their best self. The American Youth Foundation proved to be the right fit for Amy to put her leadership skills and project management experience to work in direct support of this effort.

Amy lives in the beautiful locale of the Lakes region in New Hampshire with her husband of over 20 years, their two daughters, and multiple farm animals. She is joined at Merrowvista in summer by her youngest daughter, one of her two daughters who is a camper.

Amy enjoys leading the many teams of Facilities, Food Program, Office Administration, and IT. She encourages these teams to be their best to provide a space that youth can grow, and learn, safe yet challenged in and becoming their best self