Making A Difference

Ways to Stay Involved

We invite people of all ages to engage with the AYF mission.

We hope you will seek to be your best self by volunteering or participating in an AYF event. We also hope you will continually explore ways to be My own self, At my very best, All the time, wherever you are, at work, home, and in your community.

We believe that balanced living is an integral part of everyone’s life personally and professionally. We encourage people to attain balance in their mental, physical, social and religious/spiritual pursuits, all while instilling a sense of responsibility to act for the good of others. This is as true in youth as it is in adulthood.

Special Events

The American Youth Foundation holds several events throughout the year that benefit the thousands of youth who experience the wonders of Miniwanca and Merrowvista.

These events and the funds they generate help to support our scholarships, programming, and facility needs. We are ever grateful for the dedicated volunteers who plan and deliver these important fundraising and friend-raising events. Please consider becoming involved at any level.

Our Events


Whether at camp or around town, we have opportunities for individuals and groups to give back to the AYF through their time and expertise.

Some activities may be a one-time occasion, while others may be ongoing. Whether it is helping to ready our camps for the summer during our Volunteer Weekend or assisting with archiving nearly 100 years of AYF history, we invite you to reach out to us to learn how you can volunteer with the AYF.

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