NLC Class Challenge raises more than $15,000 for scholarships

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National Leadership Conference Participants perform and scream at Camp Miniwanca

The National Leadership Conference community once again proved that not only could they rise to the challenge, but they could also exceed it. In total, 114 people raised $15,087 in scholarship funds during the NLC Class Challenge in March, all of which will support 2024 NLC participants. This is nearly $5,000 more than the inaugural total raised in 2022.

“We were overwhelmed by the outpouring of support for our conference participants,” said NLC Co-Director Erin O’Brien. “Because of these generous supporters, students who otherwise would not have been able to attend NLC this summer will get the chance to do so.”

As in 2022, Serving Through Action, the NLC graduating class of 2010, raised the most money – $3,208 – and had the most donors give to the campaign in their name at 43.

The NLC community also showed their support in March by participating in a virtual 5K and sharing their walk, hike, run, or stroll on social media.

“Our NLC community is spread across the country, and this challenge allowed so many people to reconnect online and in person,” O’Brien said. “Their enthusiasm is a testament to the power of our transformational programs and how much they value the impact NLC has on these young leaders.