Making A Difference

Since 1925, we have been welcoming diverse audiences of youth to discover the richness of our outdoor environments, the fun of interacting with a positive community, and the challenge of self-discovery.

Because of that, your support and involvement matters.

Whether you would like to make a one-time donation, participate in an event, donate a gift of stock, make a planned gift, or volunteer your time, your support can help inspire youth to discover and develop their personal best, to seek balance in mental, physical, social and spiritual living and to make a positive difference in their communities and in the wider world.

However you choose to contribute, and however much you give, your investment makes a difference in the lives of youth today, tomorrow, and well into the future.

My own self, At my very best, All the time – not just a motto, but a way of life.

We invite you to learn how you can help us by being your best self.

Ways To Stay Involved

We invite people of all ages to engage with the AYF mission.

We hope you will seek to be your best self by volunteering or participating in an AYF event. We also hope you will continually explore ways to be My own self, At my very best, All the time, wherever you are, at work, home, and in your community.

We believe that balanced living is an integral part of everyone's life personally and professionally. We encourage people to attain balance in their mental, physical, social and religious/spiritual pursuits, all while instilling a sense of responsibility to act for the good of others. This is as true in youth as it is in adulthood.

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Ways To Donate

The American Youth Foundation is a nonprofit youth development organization that engages thousands of youth in programming year round at our beautiful properties in New Hampshire (AYF-Merrowvista) and Michigan (AYF-Miniwanca).

Children ages 5-18 from across the country, and around the world come to our camps for community and school programs, summer camps, leadership conferences, and other activities to experience a mission that helps them realize the best in themselves.

Your investment in AYF allows people to discover the richness of our outdoor environments, the fun of interacting with a positive community, and the challenge of self-discovery.

Whether it is an online donation, attendance at an event, or a planned gift, we invite you to learn how your investment and support can help sustain the beautiful acres of Merrowvista and Miniwanca, the facilities and programs in which youth discover their best selves, and allow everyone the opportunity to change their lives today, tomorrow, and well into the future.

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In Motion, On Mission

A 5-year generosity campaign for the AYF.

In Motion, On Mission is a generosity campaign to grow support for youth scholarships, program operations, facilities, and the legacy of the American Youth Foundation. Launched in 2014, this five-year campaign aims to secure the AYF as a leader in youth development for the decades ahead.

The American Youth Foundation has long enjoyed the support of generous donors. A major goal of this campaign is to grow the number of annual donors to the AYF, knowing that with broader support we will be able to introduce more young people to high quality programs that inspire and encourage them to live more purposefully as their best selves.
Whether through a one-time gift, a multi-year pledge, or a planned estate gift, we hope you will consider moving forward with us towards our best, enabling us to serve and shape more deserving youth in positive powerful ways with the mission of the AYF.

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