You & Me

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Written by Asher Abrahms

You and Me is a tribute to the American Youth Foundation and its National Leadership Conference at Camp Miniwanca. I’m grateful to know so many AYF members and NLC staff and participants, all of whom inspired this track. The instrumental comes from “You & Me” by Skrux, which you can listen to here.

You & Me
This one goes out to anyone
Who’s ever felt the Miniwanca Magic.
Who gets a feeling in this place
Like no other.
These last 4 years have been amazing,
And even though
We’re leaving this place soon,
I want to share
One last story with you.
Let’s go!

Okay, picture this: a kid in his room,
Wants to do something great.
Then remembers a place,
And writes a letter to show.
Puts the pen to the page,
And then thinks to himself
Now is the time,
Here’s how it goes:

Dear Miniwanca, where do I start
When you changed my heart?
These years go by,
How time flies!
Used to not know you that well,
Then I could just tell
After that first year,
Never felt fear here.

But then things changed.

Had to leave this place,
Skip a year,
So far from you yet so near
To these thoughts in my head:
Will I ever see you again?
Will I see this through ‘til the end?
Will it be the same now
As it was then?

Who, what, why, where, how when?

In the darkest of nights,
You were my lightest of lights.
In the hardest of fights,
Reminded me that it would be alright.

This place is the truth,
These words are the proof.
Capture that feeling, give it to you.
Close my eyes, I’m on stage.
Filled it up, flip the page.
Set my soul on fire,
Take me higher,
Oh my god what you do to my mind!
I’m feeling so live, feeling so hype,
And time stops as the bass drops!

It’s you, me, now it’s we
From NLC to the farthest seas.
When I’m with you, I can hardly breathe.
Think you could be the one to set me free.

I will not lie to you,
Feel I can fly with you,
Be the one I cry to,
You know I’ll try for you.
Never think “why?” with you,
Man I would die for you.
Never think “why?” with you,
Man I would die for you.

You will not lie to me,
Feel you can fly with me,
Be the one you cry to,
I know you’ll try for me.
Never think “why?” with me,
Man you would die for me.
Never think “why?” with me,
Man you would die for me.

You, me, now it’s we
From NLC to the farthest seas.
When I’m with you, I can hardly breathe.
You could be the one to set me free.

Take a cup,
Fill it with heart,
Spill it on you,
Let’s call it art.

This place taught me that
Yeah, and so much more,
But please sit tight,
Cuz I’ve got more in store.

Ever have those moments
When you could just die,
And you were so happy
That you wouldn’t mind?
To tell you the truth,
I’ve been feeling down
‘Til I found you
And turned it around.

Isn’t it funny how we grow up?
Come to know stuff.
Come to know bluffs.
Come to know trust,
Cuz that’s a must.
And come to know love.

So remember your past,
Hold fast to the now.
Progress the vision
And shout out:
You’re my lifeline in tough times,
The left brain to my right mind,
I’m yours, and you’re mine,
Feel it now as I write rhymes.

Can’t even sleep cuz I’m thinking ‘bout you.
How can I lie, when you are the truth?

From the dunes to the church,
The sky to the earth,
You give me everything,
All that you’re worth.

You’re the MVP (yeah) to my MPV.
The MP3 to the soundtrack of my life like:
I feel it so true!
Do you feel it too?
Oh my god NLC it’s me and you!

You never take from,
Only give more,
Like when the whole team
Yelling out “Sports!”

So shouts to the boys,
Shouts to the girls,
Shouts to all my kids ‘round the world.
I take a look ‘round,
In this moment now,
My heart stops as the bass drops!


So Miniwanca, thank you.
Thank you for the good times,
Spill my heart with these night rhymes.
These are the times of our life,
I can feel it
Tonight is the night.
This just feels so right.

So happy with you I could die,
And I wouldn’t mind cuz
With you and me
Life is supreme.
End of the day
Wouldn’t change a thing.

Nostalgia kicks in,
And tears roll down,
But that’s cuz
I love you so much right now.

I think about
All the places we’ll go,
The people we’ve met,
And promise myself
I’ll never forget
Every face in this crowd,
Right here right now.

My own best self
You helped me master.
Thank you all.
Sincerely, Asher