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Tribal Cup 2018

Today on the sand dunes of Miniwanca we had a little bit of an abnormal day. Boys and Girls Camp both woke up a little bit later and had breakfast. We had yummy Wancabread, which is a camp favorite. After breakfast we had some meditation time where campers found a quiet place and were able to reflect or read, basically any quiet activity. When the bell rang to end meditation time, it signaled it time for Something Sacred. The Girls Camp campers made their way up to Church of the Dunes where they would listen to different campers from every age group talk about what a spiritual practice is to them. The campers discussed how love, joy, transformation, and presence are all spiritual practices to them and why that is so.

Following Something Sacred both camps went to eat lunch at their respective Eating Lodges. Lunch today was chicken tenders, macaroni and cheese, and veggies! We could not have asked for a better lunch if we tried. After lunch we all got to have an extended rest hour in preparation for our exciting next half of the day!

After rest hour Boys and Girls Camp all met up in the Girls Camp’s Council Circle for the Tribal Cup. Everyone was decked out in their Tribal shirts and face paint. During Tribal Cup the different Tribes at Boys and Girls Camp come together to form Super-Tribes if you will. The Sands and the Trails combine to be the Sails. The Creeks and the Dunes form to make the Crunes. The Draws and the Breakers join to make the Dreakers. Lastly, the Ridges and the Beaches form the Reaches. The campers joined their new Tribes and spent the day completing different tasks around camp. We all ended up in East Camp on Bryant Field for the ultimate set of games during the Thunder Dome. We played games such as the 3-legged race, dragon tag, and costume relays. It was a wonderful way to have our whole Miniwanca community come together for a day of fun and games.

Following the festivities on Bryant Field we all had a lovely cookout with burgers, pasta salad, and delicious watermelon. All the campers got to eat and talk with each other, making new friends as they went along. After a jam packed day Girls Camp said goodbye to the boys as they made the trek home. A lovely sunset made for a perfect end to our night.

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