Tribal Council Fun

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Tribal Council Fun Campers 2018

The classic polar bear call woke us up from our dreams this morning. We all hopped on into Lake Michigan for a chilly wakeup call and then got ready for Morning Stretch. We started off with the good ole flashmob! We then trickled our way into the Eating Lodge for breakfast breads, cinnamon rolls, and fruit! What a delicious way to start our morning.

Morning IGs were a huge hit! Dune Exploration climbed Mt. Baldy, while Paddle Sports paddled their way around Stony Lake. Everyone then reconvened for lunch. It was chicken fajitas, and chips. After that delicious lunch, campers finished up their Eating Lodge responsibilities and headed off to rest hour. An hour later they were awoken by the bell sending them off to Assembly. Today at Assembly the LITs had amazing skits. Some of the campers favorites were “Not my hands” where an LIT puts their arms behind their back and has another person use their hands to do certain tasks. One of the funniest ones was brushing their teeth. As you can imagine it gets a little messy!! We also got to sing some fun camp songs to wake us up from our rest hour. After Assembly campers had IGs three and four. The Crafthouse was especially poppin’ today as Embroidery and Crafthouse Medley got started with their projects. After some free time the dinner bell rang.

Dinner was delicious sweet and sour chicken, paired with broccoli and rice! We even had cookies for dessert!!! After dinner we made our way down to Council Circle to watch the creative skits and songs invented by each tribe. The creativity was certainly flowing in the Council Circle tonight! Following the wonderful skits, and songs campers and leaders made their way down to the beach for a beautiful Evening Reflection. The sunset was truly out of this world tonight. What a wonderful way to end the day !!