Tribal Council and Four Trails Updates

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Friday June 30th

It’s amazing to realize that we are coming to the end of our first week of camp already! The time has surely flown, and yet we have fit so much in. We had an epic Gold Rush last night, bonded as cabins and age groups, went on an Amazing Race, we sang and danced, shot arrows, created ceramics and woodshop projects, climbed the high ropes course, and did so so very much more.

We finished our final interest groups for the week this morning. Campers finished off projects in the pottery barn and the craft house, got in one last game of Nucomb, read a few more pages of their favorite books, and climbed and paddle boarded one last time.

This afternoon, after a chill extended rest hour, all of our Pipers and 6th grade Juniors had the chance to make their own ice cream. Our 7th grade campers headed down to Stony Lake to do a little fishing while our Trailblazers went to Graceland to start packing out their trips. The Avail campers headed to the craft house for some Wanca Spa 2.0, where they made their own scented candles.

In the Four Trails world, today was a huge day! This morning we said good bye to our Adventurer campers who are starting their 500 mile bike trip up to Traverse City and the Leelanau Peninsula. At lunch we said good bye to our Explorer campers who are heading off on a biking adventure as well. Our Odyssey campers also headed out this morning for an overnight shakedown to Ludington. Ody will be back tomorrow for their final few days in camp before heading out to Merrowvista to start their incredible journey back to Miniwanca.

Tonight we ended our night with a Tribal Council, where the campers presented skits based on titles they drew out of a hat earlier in the week. The Ridges presented “Little Red Riding Darers” – a Rom Com. From the Dunes we had “Tinkerbell and the Lost Paddle” – a gameshow. The Draws had “Twin Princess Tiny Hand and the Bean Stalk” – an action adventure. And the Trails, our victors of the Tribal Council, presented “Hansel and the Fairy Gretel” – featuring a boy band! While the official results of this week’s tribal competition won’t be announced until tomorrow at the one week Closing Council, it might be safe to guess that the Trails are currently in the lead.

We’ll be sad to see our one week campers head home tomorrow, but we hope they’ll rejoin us again next summer!