The One-Week Merrowvista Experience

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A week at Merrowvista provides an opportunity for young people to embark on a summer of adventures and memory-making. Along with this excitement, campers also experience nervousness and fear, especially if they are leaving home for the first time.


Merrowvista offers residential camp programming for children ages 8 to17 that ranges from 1 to 3 weeks. For campers leaving home for the first time, the one-week option (available to campers entering grades 3 and 4) provides a great chance to see what camp is all about.



During this week, campers participate in a variety of activities, from swims at the waterfront to friendship bracelet-making. Being away from home lays the foundation for a camper to begin to develop who they are as a person and introduces them to how they interact with new people and new environments. Feeling freedom and autonomy helps shape a positive camp experience.

After a week, families reunite with their campers, who are eager to share all that has happened in just a few days. Like every session of camp, the one-weekers mark the end of their time at Merrowvista with a Closing Circle. This allows campers, caregivers, and staff to celebrate the progress that these individuals have made during their time at camp.