Techno Taco Tuesday in Boys Camp!

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Working hard in the Wood Shop

Tuesday was a great day in Boys Camp! The morning was filled with Interest Groups, and the first Community Time of the 2 week session. Community Time is a chance for our age groups to get together and enjoy some age appropriate activities. Tuesday focused on building strong communities through play.

Tuesday was the first traditional Tribal Games of the week, a quick 30 minute block of competition before lunch. The Beaches beat the Breakers in kickball, and the Creeks defeated the Sands in soccer. While winning was the goal, most campers agreed “If you had fun, you won!”

The afternoon featured Interest Groups, and some Free Time. The Waterfront is still popular option during free time as our campers look to escape the heat. We had campers boating, swimming, and fishing yesterday.

The face of Taco Tuesday

Dinner was a Boys Camp favorite: Techno Taco Tuesday! As we enjoyed the delicious tacos prepared for us, our resident DJs played some classic Techno. There were dance battles, conga lines, and even a moment where most of Boys Camp was laying on the floor. By far the best meal of any week.

We finished day with cabin night, which is a chance for our cabin groups to pick their activity for the evening. Cabins were in the craft house, on the ropes course, tubing the creek, and playing a variety of games. It was a great night for everyone to get to know each other better!