Sunshine, Smiles, and Sweets

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It was certainly a day filled with sunshine and smiles as campers headed into another beautiful day at Girls Camp. Campers played and chatted together during the little moments of free time between activities. Whether it was a large game of nine-square or sitting in the tables outside the crafthouse, everyone cherished the small moments together.

Out on the waterfront of Stony Lake, campers experiences a beautiful day for water-based interest groups. It was breezy and refreshing for the paddle sports participants, while the sailors enjoyed a wind that helped move sailboats seamlessly across the water.

While the afternoon was full of smiles, the evening activity was truly something sweet. Campers did not exchange their dinner dishes for dessert plates, as the Night’s Doings activity would have their sweet snack. This activity would be the ice cream social.

Campers chose delectable toppings for their ice cream, then gathered with their cabinmates and leader to connect over conversation. It was a sweet evening that helped to foster connections in the first week of Session B.