Something Sacred and 2A Opening Day

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This Sunday morning Girls Camp gathered together for one of our more special traditions: Something Sacred.

Something Sacred is a way in which Miniwanca experiences our R (religious) Fold. Through this multi-faith service in our beautiful building, Church of the Dunes, campers are able to take time to reflect and share around their own personal practices. This week our sharing was focused on the practices of Courage, Curiosity, Connection, and Compassion.

Miniwanca Something Sacred

Miniwanca Something Sacred craft project

Four brave members of our community shared this morning, one on each of the four words above. Jhordyn talked about how she is courageous, and how her friends and her belief allow her to be more courageous than she ever could have believed. Jensen shared about curiosity, and how always being curious allows her to try new things and meet new people. Anagayle shared about connections, and seeking to connect with others to create a positive community around her. Cori talked about compassion, and how important it is to have compassion for others and to act as a support system for one another.


After these beautiful words, our four brave speakers helped lead a walking and breathing meditation where the campers were able to reflect on how courage allows us to talk to new people, and curiosity leads us to ask questions which help us make connections and feel compassion for others. In this way this morning, we all worked together to build our positive community. The campers added a bead for each word on to a clothes pin and will be able to carry this reminder around with them.


This afternoon, we welcomed our two week and Voyageur campers! These wonderful new faces braved the rainy afternoon and brought a ray of sunshine with them that led to a beautiful sunset tonight.

We had a wonderful Opening Council with our new friends and are looking forward to an amazing session here on the shores of Miniwanca.