Opening Day for 2 Weekers!

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Opening Day for 2 Weekers 2018

Today we welcomed our two week campers into our Boys Camp community!  Energy and excitement eveloped Boys Camp today with the second wave of Miniwanca Magic this summer. Our new campers will be staying in our Miniwanca community for two and five weeks. The five weekers are our Voyager campers who journey to the Georgian Bay in Canada for a grand kayaking adventure.

After a delicious dinner of pasta, bread sticks and roasted broccoli, the youngest members of Boys Camp rushed to sign up for the Interest Groups classes that they’ll be participating in over this upcoming week. From Football to Stony Lake Pool Party to Yoga to Paddle Sports on Stony Lake, the options are endless. Campers then ventured down to Council Circle where they learned their Tribal affiliation and performed creative cabin introduction cheers. After Council Circle, we all made our way to the cabins for sweet dreams of what tomorrow has in store.

Our second opening day of the summer was a grand success! We cannot wait for all the memories that will be made this summer!