Opening Day at Merrowvista!

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Greetings all, from the Ossipee Mountains!

We are off and underway! Today we had the privilege to welcome 238 young people and their families to Camp Merrowvista. The staff, our Youth Development Professionals, clad in their lavender shirts had been waiting on this day following a lengthy staff training. It was a scorcher of a day, but the high temperatures did not diminish the excitement and joy as returning friends and new faces assembled on the shores of Dan Hole Pond to kick off another season of camp.

Campers met their leaders and fellow cabin mates in their villages, connecting over name games and question balls. Tours were given to orient the campers to the places and names they would need to know to navigate the campus, from the waterfront to the council circle and beyond. Songs were heard erupting all over the site, and exclamations of joy greeted the arrival of brief, but refreshing sun showers.

We call our first meal “Dinner with a Few Friends” with more than a hint of irony. This evening’s supper is our largest meal of the summer, a moment of amazing coordination and energy as the entire community, 2 weekers to Odyssey, gathers to eat and connect. Our meals begin with a camper sharing gratitude followed by a period of silence, and tonight’s moment was remarkable. Amid a room filled with so many, all that was heard was the resonating tones of a chiming bell, and the whir of an army of oscillating fans. The quiet was soon abruptly ended when conversation and laughter resumed, filling the hall with familiar camp sounds. The pasta, sauce, green beans, and rolls were, of course, delicious!

And water…we drank a lot of water.

Tonight our Pioneer Trailblazer campers gathered for their opening carnival, a round robin of field games and wackiness hosted by our Activities team. The older Four Trails campers gathered for a moment of framing at the waterfront. As the sun lowered, the mountain breezes picked up, giving all a reprieve from the heat, and making the play seem all the more sweet. Campers departed their activities for their villages ending a smooth first day, one that has set a positive tone for the session ahead.

Thank you to everyone who was able to join us here today.  We hope you were able to get a small glimpse into the potential of the camp session ahead. You can check back here throughout the upcoming weeks for updates and different perspectives on the camp experience. For now we head off to sleep grateful for the gift of being able to work with your children, and excited to see what kind of community they will build together.