Nearing the end of Discoverers 2016

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Hello everyone! The last two days of Camp have been filled with a variety of exciting activities. The weather has been beautiful here in the Canaan Valley and each of the one week villages has gotten the opportunity to go on a hiking trip up to the ledge. The groups left in the morning and made it to the summit in time to enjoy a delicious picnic lunch while taking in the beautiful view of Merrowvista below. Their cheers from the top of the ledge could be heard down below on the beach of Dan Hole Pond.

On Wednesday morning, the men of Mahoosuc led a flag raising in front of the whole community in which they shared about the four folds (Mental, Social, Physical and Religious). They each discussed the fold they felt that they were personally strongest in and a fold that they could work to improve upon, helping them lead more balanced lives. On Thursday morning, the ladies of Little Bigalow Cabin in Wonderland shared at flag raising about the quality they liked most about themselves. Many of them shared about their strength in making friendships as well as being a good friend.

The last few Night’s Doings have been truly exciting and have stretched the campers’ physical folds with two exciting games. Jettysock was played Wednesday night and capture the flag on Thursday night. Jetty Sock is a game that requires campers to run between various activity stations and complete different games in order to win points for their team, all while avoiding being tagged out by one of the Jetty Sockers! Jetty Sockers are staff members who run around with socks filled with flour in attempts to tag campers out with the socks. When tagged, villages must work together to complete a goofy task in order to move on. Both nights were filled with lots of energy and laughter and left the campers tired and ready for bed at the end of yet another golden day at camp. We are sad that the Discoverers will be leaving soon but are looking forward to a great morning of interest groups tomorrow – campers will get to try out one last round of archery, paddleboarding, tweak town (ask your camper about it tomorrow) and more before heading home to you!