Miniwanca Boys Camp Begins!

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BC opening
Boys campers sing “Dum Dum Da Da”

We enjoyed a wonderful opening day of Miniwanca Boys Camp! The staff awoke to thunder and rain, but held fast to the belief that our director Adam states every day, “It doesn’t rain at Boys Camp.” And by the opening of the gate, he was right! We enjoyed a sunny arrival with games constantly going on Bryant Field as more and more campers joined Boys Camp 2016.

After everyone arrived and had a chance to settle in (top bunk seems to be the most popular) our cabin groups started the process of getting to know each other. They played games, learned names, and set up some expectations about living together as responsible members of a cabin.

At 6:15 we all crowded into the dining hall for our first meal; a delicious spread of spaghetti, garlic bread, and green beans. Campers ate enthusiastically, and enjoyed having some of our staff without cabins join their tables.

After dinner, we journeyed to Council Circle for Opening Assembly! Campers were introduced to the entire community of campers and staff. We sang songs, learned a few traditions, and talked about how to be successful this summer. (Hint: It’s all about our motto, “My Own Self, At My Very Best, All The Time”) After assembly, cabins split up for their first cabin chats, and to head off to bed for the night!

Thank you to all the parents for entrusting your campers to us! We hope you enjoy the daily updates, so that you feel a connection to your camper while letting them disconnect from the outside world!

We apologize for the tardiness of this post. We experienced some technical difficulties…