Merrowvista Session B 2 & 3 week camp off and running

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It has been a little over 24 hours since campers arrived at Merrowvista for the 2 and 3-week sessions, and those hours have been packed with activity! Starting right at 4pm yesterday, villages launched into bonding activities and games aimed at helping campers feel connected and familiar with Merrowvista. After dinner, Pioneer and Trailblazer campers gathered on the Athletic Field to play more and sign up for Interest Group Adventures at Opening Carnival! Interest Groups are the daily activities campers participate in at Merrowvista. We offer three each day – campers choose which ones they want to do for 2-3 days, and then switch them up to choose new activities. We encourage everyone to get into their growth zone, trying out new IGs in a variety of subject areas. Our hope is that campers might learn new skills and learn something new about themselves. After Opening Carnival, everyone returned to their villages to have their first Village Insight discussion and get some well-earned rest.

This morning, campers gathered in the Bahn to learn about Go-Getters opportunities – a chance to get up and work their physical fold before breakfast every morning. Following that, we gathered at the flag poles for Flag Raising, where Katahdin village shared their personal methods for persevering when they come across challenges on trail. After breakfast, Pioneers and Trailblazers rotated through the Health Center and Waterfront for health check-ins and swim assessments. They left these rotations with the knowledge of what to do when they need something from the health team and the tools to keep each other safe when swimming and boating.

Full of information about how to have a safe summer, campers moved on to enjoy IG Adventures this afternoon – a chance to try out a few activities for one day before they begin a full round of Interest Groups tomorrow. Campers tested the waters in paddleboarding, archery, improv, friendship bracelets, and many other activities, getting a taste of the different options offered during the session. From Interest Groups, we moved to dinner and then Opening Council. Kris, the Director of Camp Programs at Merrowvista, explained Merrowvista’s oldest traditions at the council circle, and each group introduced themselves before leading a song. After Sentinel closed out the night with Ol’ King Cole, villages headed back to their cabins for another Village Insight conversation and then on to bed.

We’re looking forward to spending the next few days enjoying new Interest Groups and Night’s Doings activities, so check back here to stay abreast of what’s going on at Merrowvista!