Merrowvista Four Trails Update August 4, 2016

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We have just one Explorer village remaining in camp! The men of Madison reached new heights as a group today on their facilitated High Challenge and warmed up their boots on a hike to the Ledge. As we write this, they’re winding down by watching Star Wars together during a movie night. The rest of our Explorer villages are beginning their final expeditions of the session. Katahdin left us earlier this morning to begin their bike adventure around the Lakes Region. They’ll be taking a tour of the many beautiful summer scenes surrounding Lake Winnipesaukee and enjoying plenty of time to swim and devour ice cream along the way. Liberty village is spending the night at the scenic Baker River Campground; tomorrow they’ll head for Lake Winnie’s southern shore. And the women of Flag have paddled the length of Lake Aziscohos today in search of their own special island campground. We hope they’re falling asleep to the sound of loon calls.

Chocorua is looking forward to their resupply tomorrow, when our very own Sarah Geiwitz, one of the Four Trails Coordinators, will meet the group for a delicious lunch with some special treats. She’ll send back some photos so stay tuned for those! The men of Shaw village enjoyed some free time in Bar Harbor today! The beauty of Maine’s coast has left a lasting impression, and they will be sad to say goodbye to it as they begin their return journey tomorrow.

The Voyageur Women have been making their way along the Bay of Fundy on their return trip around the Peninsula! We’ve heard nothing but good things, and it sounds like they’ve loved planning their route and taking scenic detours. The Voyageur Men took a ferry ride across the LaHave River today, which suggests to us they might be close to the LaHave bakery, a Voyageur favorite! (The women listed it as a highlight of their trip so far!)

Odyssey texted us just yesterday from their rest day at Antlers campsite, a gorgeous spot on a lake under tall, swaying pines. We also want to amend our previous post with some updated information – apparently many of the other privies in the 100 Mile Wilderness have been updated recently and are just as lovely, if not lovelier, than the Full Moon Privy we alluded to before! Lucky Odyssey!