Merrowvista Four Trails update 7/21

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Flag village summited Goose Eye mountain today! According to a message we received, they had “a lovely day of hiking” and were the first people to arrive at their campsite. Hear, hear! Katahdin is close on their heels, just one campsite behind, and will be taking in some lovely views on a long stretch of alpine terrain tomorrow. Surf’s up for Liberty village who braved some rough waters yesterday on Lake Aziscohos. Tonight they will be staying at Diamond Peaks on the Magalloway River where the sailing is a little smoother. Madison is loving the island life tonight on Beaver Island and will be making their way to the Magalloway tomorrow.

Chocorua village has made it to Camden, Maine after their most impressive day of biking yet, totaling 56 miles! They had a rendezvous with Merrowvista’s bike mechanic, Jason, today on trail and enjoyed good company and tasty snacks. Rest assured, all bikes are in great order tonight and ready for an easy day tomorrow! Shaw village is spending tonight at the luxurious Piazza Rock lean-to before they begin their traverse of the Saddleback range. We’ve heard nothing but great news from them, with early nights and beautiful views.

Our Voyageur Men are staying at Jaggar’s Point tonight on the Western side of the peninsula. The campers spent some time planning the next day’s route and are very excited to be taking ownership of this trip. The Voyageur Women made their way from Pubnico to Shelburne today. Last night they stayed in the home of a Merrowvista alumni family. They’re looking forward to the next beautiful stretch of the south shore.

And as for our Ody folks… only four more days!! We can’t wait. J