Merrowvista In-Camp update August 2, 2016

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Greetings from the beautiful Canaan Valley, the last couple of days have been packed with a variety of fun filled activities and I’m excited to tell you all about them!

On Monday morning the Trailblazers and three week Pioneers participated in World Day. Throughout the morning, campers learned about some of the different cultures and customs of countries all across the World. Campers learned about 21 different countries including New Zealand, Cameroon, Japan, Mexico, and Scotland. They were given MV World Day passports to commemorate each stop. While this was happening, the two week villages were returning from overnight trips. They returned from their trips with bellies full of pancakes and pita pizzas and plenty of stories to share.
The afternoon was full of interest groups such as paddle boarding, woodworking and gardening. Sentinel village also ventured to Wolfeboro for a bike day adventure and enjoyed some ice cream next to Lake Winnipesauke. As the sun began to set our community came together for Low Council. Low Council is a time halfway through the session to share songs with the community, reflect on the session up until this point and to evaluate how to spend the remainder of our time at Merrowvista. After a night of songs, each village returned to their cabins to enjoy village insight before heading to bed.
On Tuesday we started our first full day of new interest groups. Campers enjoyed doing activities such as playing flag football on the A-Field, Rock Climbing the chimney in the Activity Center or sailing on Dan Hole Pond. For Night’s Doings we played Camper/Leader Hunt. In Camper/Leader Hunt, staff members hide themselves around camp while villages roam around searching for them. After an exciting game, outher community came together for Evening Reflection, where a group of campers discussed what peace means to them and ways that we can share that within our communities at home.
Tomorrow we are looking forward to another fun filled day of Interest Groups, a talent show for the campers and a themed “50s Dinner”.