July 27, 2018

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Another full day in the Canaan valley. This morning began with a whirlwind of packing go-getters, the Discoverers waking at 7 am to begin packing and cleaning their cabins, in order to be able have a fun filled morning of interest group activities. The packing extravaganza was followed by a flag raising led by Tri-py village, which was all about someone who inspires each of the people in that group. The people who they mentioned ranged from celebrities, to family members, to people they just met, to themselves.

After breakfast, the Discoverers took on two final interest groups, truly sucking up every moment of fun and play possible out of their week at camp. Meanwhile, the 4 week trailblazers, Little Haystack and Sentinel, headed to base camp for their canoe trip preparations. They were lucky to be able to try out a pilot program the logistics team has been working on for months and has finally unveiled, which involves a more experiential, thorough, and fun approach to trip prep.  The first round of this included a tent constructing challenge, digging a (practice) poop hole, and purifying their own water.  The first day of the new approach to trip prep went swimmingly; the thought and intention that the logistics team brought to these activities paid off in a fun and educational experience for the campers.

As a thunderstorm approached ominously close, the Discoverers enjoyed their last few hours with their villages as families began to arrive and Grand Council began. A highlight of the council was three of the Discoverer villages leading all of the staff, families, and other campers in a highly spirited round of the song “Sixties Party.” The energy was infectious, bringing many of even the more tentative visitors out of their seats to do the classic up and down arm dance.  After this and other energetic songs, Kris Light spoke about the importance of the relationships these campers built with each other, across differences and through a week of living in a sometimes cramped feeling cabin together, and how important it is that the best selves that grew here not only exist here, but also leave Merrowvista and go make positive change in the world, and ignite others as well.

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Beth Minahan