Join the Merrowvista seasonal staff Recruitment Challenge

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Merrowvista Seasonal Staff are our best recruiters, so let’s see what we can do together!

It’s time to engage your friendly, competitive spirit and win awesome prizes while helping recruit your friends to fill key positions to round out the Merrowvista staff roster. Here’s how the competition works:

Every time you share the link to our Merrowvista Jobs page to your social media or post this flier with our QR codes in your dorm, classroom, or anywhere else, take a screenshot or picture or photo and share it on the Merrowvista Summer Staff Group Me or email it to Recruitment and Retention Manager Nicky Gerome to earn a point. The more posts, the more points you earn!

Nicky will track points and share results on GroupMe. The top point earners will win incredible prizes like Merrowvista swag and more!  And remember, if you recruit someone who is hired and completes the season at camp, you earn an extra $200 per person at the end of the season.

Get competitive, have some fun, and help recruit staff members to come, join the team and have the best summer of their lives.