Here Comes the Sun

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Opening Council 2016

A gentle rain began to fall as we headed to bed last night, bringing cool breezes to break the heat and humidity. After showers through the night,  a great downpour hit just after we entered the Eating Lodge for breakfast. Before long, the showers passed and campers gathered for Something Sacred up in the Church of the Dunes. A group of campers shared Spiritual Practices that are meaningful in their lives and we all experienced a “Pebble Meditation” led by Peggy.

The skies cleared as we opened the gate to welcome 85 new Session 2B campers. Families pulled into the Lower Parking lot, dropped luggage and walked into the Upper Tipi for Registration. It was such a treat to see so many longtime Miniwanca families at today’s opening– many dropping off second, third and even fourth generation campers. The day has finally come for many of these girls to begin their Miniwanca adventure, and it couldn’t have been a more beautiful afternoon to start the session!

The St. Louis Bus pulled in right on time at 4:30 and our shuttle from Grand Rapids airport was here by 5:00, so all campers are here and ready to go!

After a dinner of pasta, garlic bread, and brownies, we signed up for new Interest Groups for the week ahead. At the sound of the bell, the whole camp gathered in the Council Circle for Opening Ceremonies. Each cabin had a skit or song to introduce themselves. Then a group of the oldest campers were called forward to be named Tribal Leaders for the session. Each new cabin learned their tribe and enthusiastic cheers rang across the dunes.

Tonight the cabin groups are gathered for Cabin Chat introductions before they head to bed at Carillon in just a few minutes. It has been an action-packed start to our final session and we can’t wait to start the new week with this group tomorrow!