Halfway Through the First Week!

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Campers Fishing 2018

This morning started off a little dewy, but that did not stop those polar bears from jumping on into Stony Lake! After everyone was dried off, we headed on down to the Eating Lodge for some egg sandwich fixings for breakfast. Huge thank you to the amazing food program that keeps our bellies happy everyday at camp.

In Boys Camp, the Darers, Challengers, Avails, and Four Trails were recently broken up into 4 tribes (the Breakers, the Beaches, the Sands, and the Creeks) that compete in friendly activities and games, for the chance to have their tribal name forever engraved on the wall of Stony Lodge as the 2018 tribal cup champion. This afternoon, the tribes competed in Capture the Flag and Smash Ball (a combination of ultimate frisbee and handball).

Today after lunch, rest hour was especially quiet due to the full bellies the campers had from pizza at lunch. Rest hour gives them an opportunity to re-energize for a full afternoon and evening of fun activities. Camp Miniwanca values the benefits of a rest hour for campers to always feel energized, alert, stress free, and more creative.

After an afternoon jam packed with IGs of fishing, football, and frisbee the campers had some free time to hang with buddies. Some even hiked our huge sand dune called Mt. Baldy. Dinner was amazing meatloaf, green beans, and baked potatoes. Oh, and you can’t forget rice crispies for dessert!!

Stay tune for more Boys’ Camp updates each day!