Girls Camp First Full Day

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After many hot days on Lake Michigan the weather finally cooled down after some rain last night. This morning was beautifully sunny with some cool temperatures to start off the day. Our LITs (Leaders in Training) started our morning off with a lovely Morning Stretch about balanced four fold living. Breakfast was delicious bagels, hard boiled eggs and fruit. Following breakfast we broke up into two and three weeker groups. The two weekers went through rotations of cabin pictures and swim checks down at Stony Lake waterfront. The cabin photos were so creative this session! Meanwhile the three weekers were in downtown Miniwanca, playing games and doing CORE.

The bell rang out at 12:45 for lunch and we all rushed into the Eating Lodge for grilled cheese sandwiches and tomato soup. Following lunch we all had our fire drill where the campers learn where to meet in case of emergency. We then skipped off to rest hour. After rest hour the LITs put on a hilarious Assembly for the campers. Some of the favorite skits were R.O.D. (rodent of the day) and Detective Bre. Interest groups were next and the campers could not wait to get into the groove of things. The Crafthouse was very popular, and so was Stony Lake waterfront for the Pool Party IG.

Dinner was barbecue chicken, mashed potatoes and peas. But you cannot forget dessert, which was chocolate cupcakes! Following dinner, we had our Night’s Doing, Soldiers and Spies. Soldiers and Spies is when each Tribe splits up into two different groups, the soldiers, and the spies. The soldiers patrol their area and try to tag other teams’ spies as the spies try to go from point A to point B with a small piece of paper somewhere hidden on their person. The Tribe with the most small pieces of paper at the end of the allotted time wins! After Night’s Doings we settled down and made our way to the beach where we had Evening Reflection. Chloe’s Challenger cabin led ER and spoke again about balanced living to bring the day full circle. We skedaddled off to bed and had sweet dreams of what is to come tomorrow!