Fun in the Sun

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Greetings from the end of a beautiful Miniwanca day! The campers awoke this morning to the sounds of the bell ringing out over our forested dunes and were greeted by a bright and beautiful Miniwanca morning. Their first stop of the day was Morning Stretch in the Hollow led by Cabin 15 on the topic of beauty. After raising the flag and a moment of reflection, everyone filed into breakfast awake and ready for the day.

After a yummy breakfast of waffles, fruit salad, and jelly and butter, the campers went out and engaged in CORE. The sixth graders got to repaint some of our benches that needed love. They look amazing now! Campers then headed out to their selected Interest Groups.

After such a packed morning we scarfed down a delicious lunch of sandwiches, pretzels, macaroni salad, and watermelon, followed by a much needed Rest Hour. In preparation for Nights Doings, the campers built their chariots from cardboard and duct tape in the time after Rest Hour.

With Interest Group time was upon us, we headed out for Stony Lake paddle sports, Pottery, Bracelet Making, and more! All the campers were able to stretch their four folds with a wide variety of activities. Free time began, and campers rushed down to Lake Michigan to swim, the Hollow for games, and the Crafthouse to make bracelets and crafts.

Fueled up after a delicious dinner of pizza and veggies, Girls Camp participated in the incredible Wanca Cart for Night’s Doings. This fun and interactive event had the coed Quads race around cones in their chariots. After several rounds and tough competitions, the Sails (Trails from Girls Camp combined with the Sands from Boys Camp) pulled out a win! In Girls Camp the Trails have been solidly in the lead for the last week and this win will make it that much harder for any other Quad to catch up. As night time fell, everyone hurried off to bed, exhausted from the busy day but very excited for what tomorrow has in store.