Four Trails Update!

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Hey there faithful readers, with villages returning from trail – it’s time for a Four Trails update!

Little Haystack, finished their hiking trip in the Mahoosucs. They braved scorching heat and heavy rain, but made it through all the same and even found some time to revel in the sensation of downhill hiking, confirm the definition of bubbles and regain their sanity on their final day of hiking before returning to camp today.

Madison Village returned today from their bike trip on which they persevered through a similar blend of heat and rain / thunder storms whilst seeing the sights around the Lakes Region. After cresting the infamous camp hill they were able to slide in just as dinner was getting under way (still making sure to gather for a triumphant cheer before entering the eating lodge J)

Flag is back from their canoe trip which saw once again an impressive blend of heat and precipitation but like the rest they made it through and are already preparing for their next adventure, a hiking trip in the mahoosucs. Before they leave they will take on their in camp team challenge as well as enjoy playing a rousing match of gold rush with the in camp community.

Shaw village has been in camp the past few days after returning from their hike trip in the Mahoosucs. They took on The Wall in their team challenge today after ascending through several challenge levels of group juggle as well as veggie tag on a sizeable field, and did swimmingly. On a similar note they will begin getting ready for their canoe trip tomorrow, with a shakedown and packing session that will be well visited by a variety of Merrowvista staff.

Chocorua has been cruising right along on their bike trip. They are currently in an exploratory stage of their trip where they spend a pair of nights at the same camp ground, so that they can enjoy the local area in booth bay, then set out on the largest mileage day of their trip the next day for a further push up the coast. They will be returning to Merrowvista on the 10th.

Nesuntabunt is currently on their hiking trip through the saddle backs. Today was an exciting day for them, as they summited Saddleback mountain, Saddleback Junior, and The Horn all in one day, taking in some stunning views atop these peaks as well as along the way. Tonight they will be staying at Poplar Ridge lean-to and heading out for Spaulding Mountain Lean-to the next day.

All three voyageur groups find themselves in several places across Nova Scotia. Mudsliding, passing parades and antique automobiles are just a few of the things that have passed by or been a pit stop on their road towards more northerly climbs.

The two Odyssey groups will spend today and tomorrow crossing over the top of one of their highest peaks, White Cap mountain! They’ll be resupplied today with more food, gear, letters from camp and goodies from out of the 100 mile wilderness. We’ll have stories to report from the resupply!