Four Trails Update July 25th, 2016

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Flag village returned from a bike shakedown this afternoon, accompanied by Ollie, one of our bike mechanics. They feasted on a delicious lunch at Skelley’s which included, we quote “only the best turkey.” Liberty village is back from their canoe trip. We’ve never seen a group come back from a rainy trip with such big smiles on their faces. Tomorrow they’ll be re-gaining their land legs on a hiking shakedown. We welcomed the men (and woman) of Katahdin village back to camp yesterday as they returned from their hiking trip through the Mahoosucs. Today they’re enjoying some in-camp time, playing Magic and swimming at the waterfront. Madison is returning (first via canoe and then van) from the wilds of Maine this evening, which means all our Explorers will be in camp tonight! We’re thinking they deserve something sweet by the fire… J

Chocorua village has finished two days of rest at Bar Harbor and begun their return trip to camp. They’ve been enjoying swimming at every opportunity and taking in the majestic landscapes along the way. Ana, one of the coordinators, was fortunate enough to spend some quality time with the men of Shaw at their resupply yesterday! They devoured a feast of deli sandwiches and fresh fruit, and spent the evening pondering some particularly difficult riddles.

Our Voyaguer Men enjoyed some free time in Truro today, rounding out approximately 250 miles thus far. They’ve been zipping along the Northern coast. Next stop: Cape Breton! Meanwhile, the Voyageur Women are savoring the South Shore, enjoying all the quaint inlets and wonderful bakeries it has to offer.

Odyssey came and promptly left! After a long drive, they’ve arrived in Monson, where they will be spending the night camped in the yard of Shaw’s boarding house. Tomorrow, they’ll devour a delicious home-cooked breakfast and then head out on trail! Hear, hear!