Four Fold Tournament

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Four Fold Tournament, Girls Camp, Miniwanca

Welcome to another Sunday at Miniwanca! As always, the schedule is a little different here on Sundays.

We started our day by taking it easy and sleeping in a little. Campers were glad to wake at 8:30 this morning and catch a little extra sleep. After one of our favorite breakfasts, Wanca bread, the camp community ventured to Church of the Dunes for some reflective time called Something Sacred. Through this, campers are challenged to dig deeper into something greater than themselves to grow in their R Fold. Campers spoke on how they practice their own spirituality through gratitude, the mystery, forgiveness, and love today.

Following Something Sacred, we all headed out to some camper free time and an amazing lunch of chicken tenders, carrots, and chips.

From there it felt like the day was just beginning. After Rest Hour, we joined Boys Camp in the Council Circle for the Four Fold Tournament. The Four Fold Tournament combined both camp’s Quads to form the Bridges, Valleys, Drakers, and Sails. In these combined Quads, the campers traveled around camp to see some of our beautiful spaces, competed for Quad points, and cheered each other on through friendly competition.

After a hot afternoon in the sun and plenty of water and sunscreen along the way, we were all ready for a delicious cookout dinner of cheeseburgers. We completed our co-ed time by dancing the Flashmob and headed back to Girls Camp for movie night! The campers enjoyed Spiderman: Into the Spiderverse in the Upper Lodge until around 9:30. From there we took a pause on the movie and will finish it on Wednesday morning after Ride In.

It was another eventful day and so exciting to interact with the Boys Camp community. As the pretty sunset turns to dusk campers lie in bed anticipating their adventures of the day to come tomorrow