Merrowvista wraps up summer 2023

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Summer 2023 was filled with cannonballs into Dan Hole Pond, songs sung at the top of campers’ little lungs, and bowls of chicken tenders. For the past six weeks, Merrowvista was home for 147 young people who grew physically, socially, mentally, and spiritually.

Families drove up the gravel road on Friday, Aug. 4, to reunite with their children after this summer of fun and growth. They reunited with their campers and gathered to watch a slideshow of the session’s highlights.

Merrowvista summer programming officially concluded with a Closing Circle where camp and Four Trails coordinators shared highlights and each age group sang a song. Then, Odyssey and Wayfinder campers each received a very special item of clothing to mark their completion of these milestone programs.

Odyssey campers received vests for the completion of their 100-Mile Wilderness trek and the final leg of the Four Trails program. Wayfinder campers received rugbies for completing their greenhouse service-learning project. Traditionally, these items are presented to campers by close family or friends who’ve also completed the same programs, continuing the legacy of the Four Trails experience.

Merrowvista is honored to have welcomed all our summer 2023 campers into this community and cannot wait to see how they take all they’ve learned to their home communities. Until next summer, Founder Friends!