A Day Full of Opportunity

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Dash In 2016

Cabin 18 set the tone for the day, offering  personal, insightful reflections on Opportunity at Morning Stretch.  As one camper said,

“Opportunity means to me– a chance.  A chance to do something amazing, to make yourself a better person.  Opportunity is the first step to doing something extraordinary.  So I dare you Miniwanca, to take whatever opportunity you get to be your best self.”  We couldn’t have said it any better.

Multiple opportunities to be on the waterfront!

After yesterday’s storms and erratic weather, today we were gifted with a gorgeous day.  Sunny and still quite warm, it was a day to be on the water.  And the Miniwanca community was there!

Record numbers responded to the Polar Bear call – seeking their final qualifying dip for the t-shirt (1-weekers) or simply taking another opportunity for a great wake-up dip.

The “Hike and Dip” Interest Group made it an all-Dip day after the rain made yesterday an all-Hike day.  Free Swim in the afternoon was extended to a full hour!  Nearly everyone at dinner had the tell-tale wet hair attesting to a great afternoon in Lake Michigan.

And, of course, we were gifted with a beautiful sunset over the Lake.  Cabin 22 gave us all the opportunity to reflect on the challenges and rewards of leaving our “comfort zones,” as many of us did in making our first trip to Miniwanca.

Tribal Council – the Opportunity to share our talents

All four tribes put on an awe-inspiring display of talent at the evening’s Tribal Council.  We were treated to original songs and skits, displays of acrobatic talent and some classic Miniwanca songs.  Skit themes included, “If Miniwanca were a Circus,” and “Miniwanca under the Sea – the MerPeople.”   The enormous talent displayed left the judges with tough choices.  In the end, the Trails claimed the prize.

In closing we sang “Remember” and “Cowboy Lullaby,” songs known to generations of Miniwanca campers and passed on to the next!