Day 4 – July 14, 2021

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This happy silver day started with Wayfinder A in the Gazillion for some Arts & Crafts. They made handcrafted envelopes for some very special letters, Christmas cards with a summer flare, and collages.

New Hampshire Lodge was abuzz with cheer and notebook crafting, courtesy of Wayfinder D/E.

Over at the Activity Field, Moosilaukee played basketball and a top-tier game in the Gaga Pit.

Looking to stay prepared for the weeks ahead, a very focused Mahoosuc was busy making pillows filled with lavender.

Austin from Blueberry decided to scan our collection of books in the yurt for the perfect read with his village leader, Audrey.

Wayfinder B went for a swim on the Waterfront where many happy dives and cannonballs took place!

Tri-Pyramid impressed with some spectacular aces and even more amazing sportsmanship on the volleyball court.

Wayfinder D/E bonded over the crafting of some friendship bracelets and fun in the Gaga Pit.

Community Celebration was especially lively as Moosilaukee, Mahoosuc, Chocorua, and Little Bigelow joined together for a hilarious game of improv.

Whitecap took to the activity center for a thrilling game of Dungeons & Dragons.

Outside New Jersey, Blueberry learned to make friendship bracelets while sharing some of their best riddles and jokes.

Until next time!

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