Confections and Connections

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The day at Girls Camp began like any other typical Miniwanca day with a morning Polar Bear dip before breakfast followed by cabin CORE (Connect, Orient, Reflect, Empower) sessions. The campers are finding their rhythms as Session A continues.

Campers are connecting with their fellow quad members as they meet to prepare skits and songs for the upcoming activities. The Avail (our oldest group) are showing leadership as they take charge to help prepare the skits and songs.

Interest Groups are in full swing as campers are practicing the skills they learned or working on the projects they started. Whether it’s creating a clay figurine, learning to play Dungeons and Dragons, or challenging themselves on the high ropes, campers are growing into their very best and learning how to be their best all the time.

The evening was full of fun, connections, and tasty treats. Night’s Doings was a surprise ice cream social in the Hollow. Cabins gathered together to converse and connect with cabin chats over custom sundaes. It was a sweet evening, and not just because of the ice cream.

The beautiful day concluded with the first beach Evening Reflection. Cabin 35 led with a few words on mindfulness. Campers and staff alike listened to the words of cabin 35 while watching the Lake Michigan sunset – a lovely ending to a wonderful Miniwanca day.