Celebrating Community

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The Founder Family is a deeply connected community that spans far beyond the 360 acres of Miniwanca’s beachfront sand dunes, forested trails, sun-drenched ridges and moss-covered draws. This family expands each time a new friend add their unique spark to the flame. Today, this AYF family celebrated community right outside its cabin door and the the larger global community.

Spirits were high as the Fourth of July began. During the Polar Bear swim, pajama-clad Girls Camp leaders and campers circled up for a toe-tingling rendition of Founder Hearts in chilly Lake Michigan waters. “Way down in our Founder hearts, we’ve got a feeling for you, Miniwanca, for you!”

For a special breakfast treat, the Pathfinders iced doughnuts, creating sugary marvels of sprinkles and toppings for all. Soon, a dance party erupted on The Green Acre, while other campers created chalk artwork on the pavement. Squeals, cheers, and a chorus of voices, rose through downtown Miniwanca.

The bell rang, inviting the camp community to the Hollow, where the field was marked with cones and a center line of multicolored balls. This meant one thing: dodgeball!  Friendship and camaraderie took precedence over winning and kept the game safe, silly, and engaging for all.

As the morning ran into afternoon, we gathered in The Church of the Dunes for Something Sacred. A camper from each age group offered insight into their own spiritual practices by describing a word that feels sacred to them.

Someone described the joy of listening. “Listening to others is one way to create safe connections and grow relationships.” In silence, the community contributed a tiny piece of nature to a larger pile, building a unique collection of rocks, sticks, acorns that were made more beautiful together.

All campers joined for a picnic dinner of hot dogs, hamburgers, beans, and greens with root beer floats for dessert. Another Golden Miniwanca day drew to a close, a day spent celebrating community and inviting each other’s own best selves to participate in this Founder Family.

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