Bright Days Ahead

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Bryant Field at Boys Camp had its first action-packed morning of the summer on Monday, June 27. Campers joined together to raise flags, participate in morning stretches, and prepare the east dining hall for its first breakfast of the session. 

After breakfast, each cabin broke off for a busy day of touring East Camp, taking cabin photos, completing swim checks, signing up for interest groups and learning about how to have a fun and safe summer.

This busy schedule didn’t get in the way of quick games of soccer, frisbee, Dungeons and Dragons, or enjoying time at the waterfront.

Fun times continued as each cabin created an outrageous skit to perform at the Opening Fire circle. As cabin groups worked on their skits, one cabin proclaimed their cabin mates their summer family.

At Opening Fire, campers watched the tradition of lighting four torches before lighting the campfire. This tradition represents the four folds of Miniwanca: mental, social, physical, and spiritual wellbeing. 

After a fun-filled evening of song-singing, skits, and cabin bonding it was time to call it a night. Campers returned to their respective cabin bays and prepared for another day of fun at Miniwanca.