Boys Camp begins again! – 7/3/16

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Opening Council 2016

Sunday was a great day to be in Miniwanca Boys Camp. The day started with just the 3 week campers in camp and ended with a full dining hall! We rose to the traditional Sunday breakfast at Miniwanca of Wanca-bread, hard boiled eggs, applesauce, and sausage. By far the most anticipated meal of any week.

After breakfast we all journeyed to Orwig Chapel for Something Sacred with Adam. He discussed how notable people throughout history have left their mark through quotes and actions, and how we should always live our lives like it’s possible to change the world. He then handed out small wood blocks to each camper and had them use markers to leave their mark at Miniwanca. We’ll combine those blocks with the Session B campers to make an art project.

moving a house
The Senior Boys picking up the Archery shed

Following Something Sacred campers divided into age groups for Acts of Service. This is a chance for campers to give back to the site of Miniwanca through dedicated service. The Darers painted our garden fence, the Challengers raked and lined the trail to Chapel Dune, and the Seniors helped to expand the archery range from 4 lanes to 8. The most impressive part of the day was when the Seniors lifted the archery shed by hand to move it 15 feet, and rotate it 180 degrees.

After a quick lunch it was time to welcome the new 2A campers to camp! Almost everyone spent their afternoon on Bryant Field welcoming old friends and making new ones. After the final arrivals, everyone went to swim checks, and signed up for Interest Groups.

The Dining Hall was full for dinner! Thanks to the addition of the new campers all available space is occupied with tables. We enjoyed the traditional opening day meal of pasta and garlic bread, and new campers were shown how to eat a meal at Miniwanca.

opening council
Opening Council

After dinner we all gathered in Council Circle for opening council to officially start our new community. We learned the traditions of Miniwanca, sang songs, and officially introduced absolutely everyone. It was a full day for old and new campers alike, so no one seemed to mind going to back to cabins shortly after council.

Thanks to all of the new families who are trusting us with their boys for the next two weeks! We’ll see you soon!