Boys Camp Four Trails Update

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ADV Camper 2018

Camp has begun and we couldn’t be more excited to welcome so many Four Trails campers into the sacred sand dunes of Miniwanca. We’ll be posting here several times throughout the session to update you on all the wonderful things happening in the world of Four Trails.

 Trailblazers are settling in nicely in their second night of camp. They had an exciting opening council tonight, and though it’s been a hot day here at Miniwanca, they enjoyed some swimming in Stony Lake this morning.

Explorers spent their morning doing swim checks and then this afternoon they participated in First Aid Rotations with the Explorer campers from Girls Camp. They learned about the many ways they can support each other and their leaders in a situation where first aid is needed—they even did some yoga with one of the Explorer leaders, Nicole, to talk about healthy breathing and how it keeps you calm and feeling better.

Our Adventurer campers spent the afternoon alongside the Explorers on the Graceland field, but they spent their time with the Adventurers from Girls Camp learning the anatomy of a bike and some basic bike maintenance that will be useful for their time on trail. The Adventurers set out tomorrow morning for a day-ride to Whippi Dip and back—maybe they’ll get ice cream!

 Voyageurs are readying themselves for their re-ration, coming up this Thursday. They’ll be meeting up with a driver in Britt, Ontario to restock their food, medical supplies, group gear, and mail for their next several weeks on trail. It’s always a happy time. There’s usually good food and some car-camping after a couple weeks of kayaking through the wilderness. They’ve had some rainy and foggy weather these past few days of kayaking through French River Provincial Park, so we know they’re looking forward to some comfort soon.

Our Odyssey cyclists are powering through New York and have officially made it into the mountains. These past 3 weeks of cycling have prepared their bodies and minds for this tougher terrain and they’re ready to support their group-mates as the cycling becomes more difficult—all the way to New Hampshire! They’ll also be receiving some encouragement tomorrow from their friends and family in the form of mail. They’re really settling into the groove of trail life and I’m so excited for them to experience the beauty of the Appalachian Mountains.