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Darer Campers 2018

After an amazing Fourth of July our schedule went back to our typical day today. We were woken up by the polar bear call as we rushed to get our bathing suits and jump in Lake Michigan this morning. Breakfast was delicious breakfast breads (lemon poppyseed, cinnamon, and blueberry), and fruit! Following breakfast we went into CORE. The Darer community made warm fuzzies, which are little yarn creatures that have a sweet message on them. They then shared their warm fuzzies with the community, gifting them to different people to spread the love. We then went to our interest groups one and two. In Melty Things the campers made slime! They even got to color is with food coloring and add glitter! In Loom Knitting, campers continued to work on their hats and scarves they are making.

Lunch was delicious lunch meat sandwiches, veggies, and pretzels. We then all scurried off to our cabins for rest hour. After rest hour the campers all separated into their Tribes (Ridges, Trails, Dunes, and Draws) to have Tribal Meetings. This is where they came up with a skit, song, and extra to perform at the Tribal Council tonight for tribal points.  Then it was off to IGs three and four. In Wanca Spa the campers made their very own great smelling candles! In The Great Miniwanca Scavenger Hunt campers went around campus completing different tasks. Many campers took advantage of free swim and took a dip in Lake Michigan right before dinner.

Dinner was absolutely amazing. We had incredible ravioli, green beans, and garlic bread. After dinner campers got dressed and ready in different costumes for the Tribal Council. The skits, and songs were absolutely out of this world. The Tribes really out did themselves this time. After Tribal Council everyone headed on down to the beach for an amazing Evening Reflection to end this great day.

Everyday here at Miniwanca just keeps getting better and better! Keep checking back for updates!!