Back to Full Strength

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Sunday saw the Boys Camp community expand itself in many ways. The day started with our traditional Sunday breakfast of Wanca-bread, after which we headed to Orwig Chapel for Something Sacred. Adam presented the campers with the ideas around leaving a legacy, and challenged them to make their mark on a piece of collaborative art.

A Senior Camper working on the board walk

The campers then put those ideas into action around camp through some Acts of Service. The Seniors finished removing a boardwalk from a hillside to make way for a new trail. The Challengers raked, lined, and placed some retaining steps on the trail to Kodaya Point. The Darers went to the craft house to paint tiles for a new stepping stone for our trails at camp.

After a busy morning the campers enjoyed an early lunch to be ready for the arrival of our 2B campers! We welcomed a whole new group of campers to camp with a mix of returning friends and new faces. We had a busy afternoon getting everyone settled! There were swim check to complete, tribes to reveal, cabins to settle into, and tons of names to learn.

An LIT lighting the council fire.

At dinner all of the new campers were taught how to eat meals Miniwanca style, and were given a chance to look over the list of interest groups for the week. After dinner we gathered on Bryant Field to formally sign up for interest groups. This week includes a mix of traditional favorites like archery and sailing, and exciting new options like Mobile Mania and Wanca Pirates.

Following that we all gathered in Council Circle to welcome the 2 weekers into the community in the traditional manner. We enjoyed songs, some stories and lessons, and gathered around our fire. It was a great end to a great day.