Avail Senior Day of Service

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Service and Community Building are part of our mission

Miniwanca Avail Seniors stepped up today to help two local area charities: Trinity Lutheran Church Community Food Pantry in New Era, and The Golden Years Alaskan Malamute Rescue in Muskegon.

At the Food Pantry this morning, the girls distributed food of all kinds to waiting families and seniors.  While some girls were inside handing out food and helping clients find what they needed, others were helping the elderly clients carry and pack their food into cars.  They estimate nearly 200 people were served today and that’s a typical number for this pantry.  The Avail Seniors described the work as both rewarding and humbling.  Many have done similar work at home and some know of the statistics surrounding “food insecurity” in the U.S.

In the afternoon, the girls travelled to The Golden Years Alaskan Malamute Rescue shelter in Muskegon.  While there, they gardened and cleaned up the dog kennels and runs.  They groomed the dogs and just as important, they played with the dogs.  Currently, the shelter has 5 Alaskan Malamutes seeking new homes.

Avail Seniors provide valuable service to the Miniwanca Community every day.  Today was their first area community service day.  They’ll have one more next week – watch this space for updates!

Meanwhile, back in camp, our one week campers departed after a slideshow in the Upper Tipi and a closing Council Circle. The three week Pipers and Juniors pitched in to clean up our beach this morning. In the afternoon, we all trekked over to Stony Lake for paddling and swimming time.

Dinner was a cookout of hotdogs and hamburgers in the Hollow, followed by movie night– Zootopia in the Upper Tipi. It was so warm in the Upper Tipi that the campers had the option  of taking a very special end of the day swim in Lake Michigan– a treat that helped us all cool down for bed!