Another Beautiful Day

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Girls Camp, Miniwanca, Beautiful Day

Hello from the end of another amazing Miniwanca day! We have been so fortunate this session with beautiful weather so that we can have so many amazing times here.

The day started off like any other with a Polar Bear call and a Morning Stretch. Cabin 53 talked about what creativity means to them before we all headed in to the dining hall for some scrambled eggs and home fries. We headed out to our morning amidst another perplexing paddle clue “how big, how blue, how beautiful” and started the new round of Interest Groups! Campers got to try out new crafts, more sailing and paddle sports, L.I. Tea Time, watercolors, step dance, and even a theater production!

After filling up with a yummy sloppy joe lunch, campers headed to Rest Hour for some rejuvenation. Quad Games after rest quickly woke everyone up as the Quads battled it out on the Block Soccer and Kickball fields. Then it was off the the afternoon Interest Groups, which featured more fun and games. Meanwhile, the Foresters have been out at the Well Site this whole time. They’re experiencing their first camping trip with Miniwanca where they get to learn to set up tents and stoves, cook meals in the wilderness, build fires and shelters, and orient themselves with compasses. It’s been an exciting adventure in the woods for all our 7th grade campers.

Back in camp, everyone fueled up with a enchilada pies for dinner before heading to our epic Lip Sync Battle at the Assembly. Campers prepared lip syncs and dances to songs with their cabins and performed for everyone’s entertainment. TBZ1’s performance of My Heart Will Go On was a crowd favorite and received a Standing O.

Cabin 16 ended the night for us with a reflection on creativity. As they finished, the sky helped inspire some feelings of happiness with yet another incredible sunset.