The annual running of the Wanca-Karts!

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Thursday was an amazing day in Boys Camp! We were on our typical day schedule with Interest Groups and Community Time happening in the morning. The Darers and Challengers both hiked into our dunes during community time, and everyone loved the chance to see some of the wild places at Miniwanca.

Only 500 miles to go.

Tribal Games was focused on preparing for Night’s Doings. Each Tribe was given a supply of cardboard, ropes, duct tape, and markers to construct two Wanca-Karts to race in the evening. It was nice to see all of the campers engaged on a collaborative project, and then later to see the fruits of their labor race around the track.

Thursday morning also saw the departure of the Adventurer cycling trip. They will see 500 miles of Michigan trails and roadways from their bikes. We were sad to see them leave, but are excited to hear their stories when they return.

Our afternoon was full of Interest Groups and Free Time. No tribe has located the hidden paddle, despite receiving an additional clue, “You’ve got me in a jam.” The one week campers will have to find it on Friday or give up their chance when they depart!

The most fun way to wear a cardboard box.

Our Night’s Doings was the one we’ve all been waiting for: Wanca-Kart! Played as a live action version of Mario-Kart each tribe races a human powered kart around a track painted on Bryant field. Along the way they have to dodge banana peels, avoid shells, make it through Avalanche Alley, and try to tag the star. Each race is three laps with the racers switching each lap. It was an amazing night full of fun and laughter, but at the end the Breakers came out victorious. Everyone went to bed exhausted, but smiling!